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More Than Tours with Trafalgar

Trafalgar is redefining the modern guided vacation. Local and experienced Travel Directors and unique enriching experiences bring you closer to the culture than ever before. Explore Trafalgar during our Great Guided Vacation Event and discover the difference in touring.

The fully guided vacation no longer falls under one definition. Tour companies are working harder than ever to bring travelers closer to their destination with authentic experiences and exceptional service, and Trafalgar is certainly putting in the extra hours. With a 97% above satisfaction rating from their guests, it’s clearly paying off.

Experiences We Love Never Truly Leave Us

Guided tours make seeing the world’s top attractions easier than ever, but Trafalgar is taking you behind the scenes and delving deeper into cultures and destinations to make your trip downright unforgettable. Arrive at Ashford Castle in Ireland like lords and ladies by sailing the loch by boat. Be greeted by a piper, and spend a night within its luxurious walls. Touring wineries in Tuscany is even more delicious with an afternoon shopping for ingredients at the local market and cooking with the area’s top chef. And with Trafalgar’s Be My Guest Dining, you’ll sit with local families in their homes sharing heartwarming meals and stories. Visiting a destination means more than seeing the icons. It’s about coming away from the experience feeling like you’ve been enriched, and Trafalgar wants to send you home with that permanent souvenir.

Let Us Lead the Way

An escorted tour is only as good as its guides, and Trafalgar never sends you away with anyone less than an expert. Experience in the tourism industry and countries you’ll visit is key. Every Travel Director escorting Trafalgar’s 230 itineraries through Europe, Asia, and North, Central, and South America has worked as a guide for a minimum five years before they even started with the company. And to guarantee they’re the experts, the Travel Directors were either born or have lived in that area for quite some time. What better way to travel through a foreign land than with a local?

Trafalgar’s 70-plus years in this industry and the knowledgeable staff ensure you’ll receive nothing but the best when you choose to travel with Trafalgar. Call our Liberty Travel Consultants today to book your Trafalgar getaway during our Great Guided Vacation Event with exclusive savings and service that goes above and beyond.