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Costa Rica Tours

The greatest eco-tourism destination in the world, Costa Rica has devoted a full one-quarter of its territory to preservation in national parks and protected areas.

This small, peaceful, thriving nation delivers stunningly diverse culture, climates, flora, fauna, and landscapes, encompassing rainforests, dry tropical and temperate forests, volcanoes, high mountains, marshy lowlands, steaming hot springs, and 750 miles of world-renowned Caribbean and Pacific beaches.

Embrace the landscape and go swimming, hiking, biking, basking, surfing, zip-lining, bird watching, rafting, fishing, diving, and exploring! The capital city, San José, is the gateway to Costa Rica's many natural attractions, but as a bustling cosmopolitan center, it certainly has its own personality and flair. Here you can dine on excellent cuisine, both local specialties and more easily recognizable gourmet treats. With the help of local leaders from Intrepid Travel, or with Trafalgar’s travel directors, you won’t miss a thing.

Not sure if Costa Rica is the right place for your next getaway? No problem! Talk to one of our travel consultants to find out.

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Benefits of Costa Rica Escorted Vacation Tour Packages

  • Vacation tours and travel to epic Costa Rica destinations
  • Immersive cultural explorations, usually including an English-speaking local guide giving you expert knowledge of the destination
  • Expedited access to major historical and cultural attractions, allowing you to see more attractions than you could on your own
  • Detailed itineraries to enjoy cultural sights and experiences but with the free time and flexibility for personal exploration
  • Travel tours tailored to your age, activity level, and interests for maximum enjoyment
  • Dining, with select tour packages including certain meals and allowing options to taste local delights on your own

Costa Rica Excursions and Things to Do While You Are There

  • National Parks Galore – At Tortuguero National Park, bask in the eco-friendly biodiversity Costa Rica is famous for, and check out the amazing sea turtles! At Cahuita National Park, enjoy a snorkeling experience like no other, surrounded by the stunning rainforest.
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest – With 26,000 acres of rainforest, perpetual foggy cloud protection, coffee plantations, and an abundance of vegetation and wildlife, it might be sensory overload! See it all from a bird’s-eye view on the Sky Walk, six suspension bridges at canopy level.
  • Eco-Friendly Foodie Paradise – Be sure to explore all of the natural wonders this country has to offer, from the animals to the flora and fauna – but also visit an organic farm and restaurant! The flavors will be fresh!
  • Pacuare River – For the eco-adventure seeker, this is the river to discover! Mesmerizing whitewater rafting has never been so stunning – enjoy it surrounded by the gorgeous rainforest.
  • Chocolate Masters – Meet chocolatiers in San Isidro de Heredia for authentic sweet-tooth pleasing tastes of chocolate! Turns out, eco-friendly also means very-yummy!
  • Arenal Volcano – This breathtaking and iconic Costa Rican volcano is a must-see. Enjoy the beautiful sights and also the great activities – from hiking, to fishing, to floating down a river, it will be an experience of huge proportions!

How to Book Tours in Costa Rica

Liberty Travel has long trusting partnerships with the top tour companies in the industry, who go above and beyond for our clients. Our travel consultants have the expert knowledge, professional training, and personal experience to find the Costa Rica small group tours that are right for you. With personal one-on-one attention and 24/7 support, you can travel with confidence knowing we are here for you throughout your adventure.

In order to book your Costa Rica guided tour

  1. Visit or call one of more than 125 Liberty Travel store locations nationwide, including flagship locations in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago.
  2. Fill out an inquiry form to email a consultant.
  3. Click on the red banner at the bottom right-hand corner to chat with a consultant now.

A mixture of calm, soothing, relaxing, fast-paced, exciting, and all-the-way stunning, Costa Rica makes for quite the diverse experience. No matter the pace, you will be in a biodiverse haven, where eco-friendly isn’t just the norm, it’s the way of life.

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