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Whether it’s the wildlife, the landscapes, or the cities, Canada is a gorgeous and diverse country ideal to explore on guided vacation tour packages. Spot a grizzly bear (at a safe distance!), snap pictures of majestic mountains reflected in glassy lakes, and hop from one national park to the next. Canada is meant to experience on the move. On Canada small group tours and escorted tour packages, you’ll get the most comprehensive look into our breathtaking neighbor to the north.

From the Rocky Mountains, Calgary, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Banff and beyond, picturesque doesn’t even begin to describe the natural beauty you’ll get to see up close. And, of course, the major cities are also primed to be experienced through guided tours – whether it’s Toronto, Montreal, Québec, or Vancouver, a tour is the best way to explore. Especially through the eyes of a professional – Travel Directors from Trafalgar, Hosts aboard Rocky Mountaineer’s all-domed fleet, Local Guides from Peregrine, and the Tour Directors of Globus are all ready to show you Canada’s most amazing wonders.

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Benefits of Canada Escorted Vacation Tour Packages

  • Vacation tours and travel to epic Canada destinations
  • Immersive cultural explorations, usually including a local guide giving you expert knowledge of the destination
  • Expedited access to major historical and cultural attractions, allowing you to see more attractions than you could on your own
  • Detailed itineraries to enjoy cultural sights and experiences but with the free time and flexibility for personal exploration
  • Travel tours tailored to your age, activity level, and interests for maximum enjoyment
  • Dining, with select tour packages including certain meals and allowing options to taste local delights on your own

Canada Excursions & Things to Do While You Are There

  • National Park after National Park – A national park signifies that absolute stunning, unabashed, natural beauty thrives on its grounds and your eyes will be rewarded for visiting! Canada has quite a few to visit on small group guided tours. From Jasper National Park, to Prince Edward National Park, to Rocky Mountain National Park, and others, nature never seemed so beautiful.
  • City Hot Spots – It’s not all about those mesmerizing mountain ranges and mirror lakes, however. Take to Canada’s biggest and most bustling cities! Experience Toronto, Montreal, Québec, and Vancouver to get the whole other side of Canada, ideal for the city slicker and skyscraper-seeker looking to hop to some new vibrant stops (and the view from the CN Tower can rival any view from any mountain top).
  • Marine Life Like Nowhere Else – With tours stopping at migration sites for beluga whales, and areas where spotting seals, polar bears, musk oxen, and snowy owls is just another day on the tour, the life aquatic in Canada is nothing short of incredible if you want to live it. Visit fishing villages, and partake on Arctic safaris. Ride along scenic Marine Drive in Halifax, and along the Cabot Trail – one of the world’s most idyllic drives – while meeting with local fishermen. Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and other marine-rich regions are your oyster.
  • Banff is More Than a Cool Name – It is a stunning national park, too. In fact, it’s Canada’s first National Park, featuring mind-blowingly beautiful Lake Louise, majestic in its emerald-hued waters. A stroll along Sunshine Meadows means a scent-fueled trip along many a cluster of posies, plus a drive on the Icefields Parkway is a must, where you finally get to experience all those stunning curves in all those car commercials. Snow-capped mountains are just the cherry – or snow – on top to cap off an unbelievable experience.
  • Niagara Falls + On-the Lake – There’s another side to the Niagara coin! Of course, a smooth-cruise into the thundering Falls is a must, and really a life-changing experience, but touring Niagara-on-the-Lake and its unique vineyards is another great Niagara experience. The icewine might be just as life-changing.
  • Old World Charm – Besides the natural settings and trendy modern cities, Canada is also culturally and historically rich. With sights like the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal and Québec, a cobblestone road in Canada can easily take you back in time and make you just want to sit back, relax, and sip a warm drink at a quaint café.

How to Book Tours in Canada

Liberty Travel has long trusting partnerships with the top tour companies in the industry, who go above and beyond for our clients. Our travel consultants have the expert knowledge, professional training, and personal experience to find the Canada small group tours that are right for you. With personal one-on-one attention and 24/7 support, you can travel with confidence knowing we are here for you throughout your adventure.

In order to book your Canada guided tour –

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  2. Fill out an inquiry form to email a consultant.
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Canada really does have it all – charm, natural beauty, bustling cities, sights, tastes, and a unique history and culture, and you can enjoy all of this with the backdrop of luxury. To make your Canada getaway more complete, and completely carefree, let Liberty Travel be your guide to Canada escorted tour packages.

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